the ear protector

CAD 3D printing & injection moulding

AMufacture began producing PPE for UK Hospital Trusts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Within days of our solutions being on the front line, we identified a problem for front line workers. Our team designed, 3D printed and sent The Ear Protector to be tested in the field. When demand increased, we moved from 3D Printing to Injection Moulding. The Ear Protector demonstrates how ideas can start as small 3D printed batches and scale up to serial manufacturing and more importantly how 3D printing companies in the UK stepped up in the fight against COVID-19.

the laser ARC

AMufacture partnered with world-leading marine hardware company Harken to design and manufacture new components for the Laser ARC rig to make it faster and lighter than the previous model. We collaborated with a carbon mast manufacturer, injection mould specialist, CNC, and investment cast company from our network, and directed the entire project from design to production. AMufacture is now the trusted 3D printing (additive manufacturing) innovator for Harken.

generative design

AMufacture were approached by one of our existing clients to attempt to reduce weight and cost of an existing production part. Using our generative design and shape optimisation service we analysed the 3D printed part and decided to use shape optimisation. The result was a part with 30% weight reduction and 15% cost reduction. AMufacture is not just a 3D printing company we work with you to get you the optimum design and production process for all your parts.

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