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Collaboration is at the heart of our business, with industry leading additive manufacturing technology, processes and experience as an extension to your workflow.

AMufacture is the first contract manufacturer in the UK to operate the HP 5420 White 3D printer. Our clients continue to have best-in-class printing and post-processing freedom, alongside our DyeMansion ecosystem to deliver more vibrant colours, whilst retaining mechanical properties, functionality and repeatability.

Partner with AMufacture to build your own Digital Warehouse for seamless reordering, complete with your Engineering Dashboard to track your parts at every stage of production.

AMufacture's sustainable production solution utilises 75% recycled polymer in every build.

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Are you ready to witness innovation at its finest? Join us at our AMufacture offices, together with DyeMansion for an unforgettable journey into the cutting-edge realm of additive manufacturing.


AMufacture and the HP 5210

A crucial part of our on-demand service is listening and understanding our customers needs and it was becoming clearer that what they needed was faster and more economical parts. As our ethos is 'Simply Delivering Innovation', investing in the newest technology is key and we are excited to be one of the first on-demand manufacturers to offer the HP MJF 3D Printing solution to the market.

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