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How to 3D print your parts with us

step 1 - generative design & consult

How do we deliver innovative 3D printing services? In three simple steps.

If you don't have a design for your part, or you want to take advantage of our in-house design optimisation service to optimise your part, we will work with you at this stage to get the optimum design ready for production.

Whether this be CAD, generative design or shape optimisation we will find the right solution for you

If you already have a design then you can send this to us and we can implement the next steps.
More about generative design

step 2 - we 3D print your parts

Whether you have a technology in mind or would like us to suggest the best option for you, we have a variety of 3D printing technologies that we can use to make your parts.

At AMufacture we will always recommend the best manufacturing option for you.
Our technologies and materials

step 3 - post processing

As the quality and accuracy of SLS and MJF parts is transforming the 3D printing industry, increasingly being used in prototyping and serial production, the advances in technology and end client applications has increased the demand for improvements in finish and colours.

Always up for a challenge, AMufacture has developed a new proprietary technology called AMuCoat which delivers an alternative finish and colour options for SLS and MJF parts.

If you already have a finished part from another 3D printing provider, you can simply send us the part and we can AMuCoat it for you.

Learn more about AMuCoat
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