parallax background

the custom manifold

the technology

MJF is the latest technology offering in polymer powder bed 3D Printing and is up to 10 times faster than competing technologies whilst producing parts with superior mechanical and dimensional properties with precise tolerances.

The printed parts exhibit fine feature definition, are constant and repeatable and have an excellent surface finish.

AMufacture invested in the newest HP MJF 3D Printing technology in 2021 and have been invited onto the HP 3D printing network to deliver this technology to industrial clients locally on demand.

post processing

The part was printed in PA12 on AMufacture's HP5210, then chemically smoothed and dyed black for the ultimate in water tightness and aesthetics.

the result

The custom manifold was designed and printed within six days (four days ahead of schedule).

Innovation at its best.

The alternative for our clients was to use off the shelf components that would not have met the brief. In this instance additive manufacturing was the only option without the project would not have been possible.

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